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This is the bibliography section explaining various terminologies used in the field of SEO (search engine optimization) or related. If you wish to see any particular section related to services or projects of PlaceOnTop.com kindly choose from the top menu or visit the home page and navigate from there.


The links(hyperlinks) that point to your website or any web page of your website are reffered to as in coming links to your website. Now search engines look for links going to your website. These links are considered as votes to your website and better the web page linking to you, more if the value of that link. There are various incoming links to your website from various web pages but all of them are counted at all. So all the links that are counted are refered to as backlinks.

Backlinks are of 2 main types. Do follow and no follow.

The backlinks which are put with a tag or rel=dofollow give a definite backlink to your website provided the page they are put on are indexed by the website in question. And the ones which are with the tag rel=nofollow are the ones which donot give a vote to your website even if they are indexed.


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